What you need to know when getting your pet ready for a surgery?


Having a pet at home may be one of your best experiences in life. To have someone who is happy to have you home after a long and hectic day may seem the biggest blessing in life. Most people recall the time they spend with their pet as one moment which makes their day.  So if anything were to happen to it you are sure to feel bad about it. But the good news is with the advancements in medicine many problems faced by the pets have become treatable. Though most of them can be treated with the help of medication some issues will need to be fixed with a surgery. The sound of surgery may seem scary to many, but you can place your pets in the able hands of pet veterinarians in Scarborough and put your worries to rest.

The following details can help you gain a better knowledge of the procedure your pet would undergo in the case of a surgery:

  • Surgical procedures: Animal hospitals in Scarborough offer a different range of surgical procedures. Their services range from performing simple procedures such as neuter and spay to complex surgeries. Most of the safety precautions followed at hospitals for humans are followed here at veterinary clinics in Scarborough. The equipment used to perform the operation is also a state of the art. Since these clinics perform the initial tests for the surgery, they have the first hand information on the health status of the animal and thus can choose anesthetic plans that best suit the pet’s needs. Further care is taken to stabilize the cardio system of the pet by attaching intravenous fluids to it. This also helps them in overseeing that IV is properly given to the pet. The pets are continuously monitored by qualified professionals on their way to recovery. The surgical team will also be available just in case the need was to arise. Some of the surgical procedures the veterinary doctors perform are dental and oral, tumor removal, exploratory surgery, orthopedic surgery etc.
  • Fracture repair: Generally speaking all the bones in the body is at the same risk of fracture. But the most common places fractures take place in pets are the radius, tibia, humerus, femur and pelvis. With most of the fractures the common issue associated is that of damages of tissues surrounding these bones. Trauma is the main cause for fractures. However the other reasons that can be associated with fractures are stress and tumor. In order to repair a fracture vet in Scarborough do it either in the closed procedure (by not exposing the bones) or in the open procedure (by exposing the bones). Non displacements can be treated by using casts or splints.
  • Precautions before surgery: Pets should not be allowed to have food after midnight before the procedure. However, they can be allowed to take water any number of times. Thoroughly go through all the information on the surgery consent form.

This information should give a better idea on how to prepare for a surgery and what are the different kinds of surgeries that can be done to your pet.