Rescuer: Valerian root supplements or tea?


Whenever we are tired or stressed due to daily work pressure and emotional load, we take resort to something that soothes our mind and calms it down so that we can take a good sleep at night. The battle is between a cup of tea and the extracts of the Valerian root as other supplements, of who is overpowering whom in order to rest a traveller’s mind. Valerian root extracts has shown results of reducing sheer stress and improving the proper functioning of brain cells in a peaceful state.

Importance of Valerian roots:

Since ancient times, Valerian root has found its usage in the medical world to promote cure for stressful brain functioning and recovering the over-excited nerve cells to its normal state. Females undergoing immense muscle cramps during menstrual cycles and seeking refuge to string sedatives has always given rise to related side effects. Students doing assignments all night or working people staying up late at night to complete a due project has resulted in the rising graph of insomniac patients over the time. Sleep-deprived, anxiety-filled, stomach disorders have all been the common reasons of a person to feel depressed and down in their life with age. To eradicate such problems, a better natural weapon that is stealing the limelight in medical science advancement is Valerian root. The idea about the actual benefits of which product, whether Valerian root supplements or tea is more of an accurate solution to the relaxation effects has raised a few eyebrows.

Intake as a supplement:

Different dosages have been standardised in order to intake the extracts of the Valerian root and this standardisation depends on the formulation and the usage purpose of the root products or supplements. The initial dosage should be of lower concentration for a person who is taking it for the first time to determine the sensitivity of the individual towards the particular supplement. A bit of a higher dosage is recommended for its use in the case of treating menstrual cramps or extreme anxiety and stress. The standard measurement that exhibits a good quality result in the Valerian essential oil is 10:1 that contains approximately 0.8% Valerenic acid. It is recommended to choose the concerned dosage pattern according to the cause undergoing.

Intake as tea:

Valerian tea can be prepared in multiple ways, although all herbal infusions will provide the same amount of potential effects. The best result of in-taking Valerian tea can be witnessed when taken on a regular normal routine basis without any hangover than like sleeping pill for acute and immediate effects. It enhances the release of GABA (gamma amino-butyric acid) from the axon endings of neurons and also preventing the reabsorption of the receptors once it is released.

Battling supplements over tea:

Drinking tea is a better option to intake any phytochemical directly into the body providing it tastes like an edible product. The main drawback that holds back Valerian tea is its pungent odour affecting its taste and that is why the majority of the mass prefer the ingestion of Valerian extracts in the form of pills or tablets than drinking in its tea form. Moreover, intake of Valerian tea by pregnant woman can be harmful for the foetus without the advice from prescribed doctors.