Improve  Your Organization’s Ability To Distinguish Identity Data Accurately And Quickly With Identity Resolution Software

Improve Your Organization's Ability To Distinguish Identity Data Accurately And Quickly With Identity Resolution Software

Are you missing important information for your customer approach? You cannot clearly identify who is a trusted business partner? Can Customer Service and Call Centers quickly identify who they are talking to? In short, do you know who you are dealing with? If you want to create a sustainable bond between customer and product, brand or service, you need to know your customers. Although the information required for this is usually available in the companies, it is distributed across different company areas and applications. By consolidating customer-facing data into a common view, you can more effectively identify and manage risks, among other things. With identity resolution, you uniquely identify your customers and create a 360 ° customer view. Use the full potential of your customer data.

Why identity resolution software?

Identity Resolution Software helps you meet the challenge of rapidly searching, finding and matching customer identity information across departments. Data from the most diverse sources, customers, suppliers, interested parties, patients or trade fair visitors are clearly identified. International companies are also optimally supported in their processes. Errors due to typing or transcription errors such as nicknames, abbreviations, and spellings in different typesetting – can be prevented with Identity Resolution software. Thanks to flexible integration, the identification of business partner data is possible both in real-time and in mass processing. Identity Resolution software can be used both on-premise and in the cloud. The solution can be installed quickly and easily and is available immediately. The innovative technology of the software solution designed to eliminate the ambiguity of identity and relationships, coupled with advanced processing capabilities for complex events, helps organizations recognize fraud attempts, threats and risks and neutralize them.

Optimized processes through identity resolution software

Identity Resolution ensures that there are no redundant data records in the system (deduplication), thereby optimizing the processes. The allocation and consolidation of customer information across all channels – the creation of a 360 ° customer view – are the basis for a successful CRM. The marketing appeals to the customer in a targeted and personal way and the sales department can submit individual and customer-specific offers – both prerequisites for a lasting customer loyalty. Call center, support and helpdesk are all needed information immediately available. The service offer is thus more personal – the customer feels taken as an individual seriously and appreciated. In addition, within the scope of compliance, it is possible to check immediately whether a customer is on a blacklist. Even deliberate misstatements – like a fake identity – can be uncovered with Identity Resolution software.

Many advantages of Identity Resolution software –

Unique identification of all business partners

Recognize and use connections between entities

All information in the overall context

All information blocks from different channels

Improved risk management and compliance

Blacklist matching (sanctions list check)

Cost savings through optimization of processes

Fast identification and all data in view

Avoidance of returns and multiple shipments

Efficient qualification of target groups

Sustainable customer loyalty

Optimization of the service offer

Targeted customer approach

Individual, customized offers

The Most Important Features Of Identity Resolution Software

With this highly scalable software, businesses and government agencies can search and reconcile identity data.

Smart indexing and key generation – Identity determination uses key generation algorithms as a means against the inevitable variations of identity data.

High performance, real-time search – Use ready-made and customizable search strategies to match search performance and scope.

Identity reconciliation in multiple languages – Benefit from the accurate matching of identity records – regardless of country or character set.

Easy deployment and ease of use – Easily integrate accurate search and match capabilities into third-party software or custom applications through APIs.

Make it possible to work with data sets in various formats (CSV file, SQL query).

Implement different metrics between the compared entities.

To realize the possibility of pausing markup with the possibility to continue it later.

Make rest API for all functionality;

Make a web interface for working with rest API.

Financial institutions, government agencies, law enforcement agencies and any other organizations that face the need to address identity-related business tasks can successfully use the Identity Resolution software solution to:

Identification of an individual who may have several names and accounts in order to identify and suppress fraud attempts.

Matching the customer’s name and identity card so that the company can understand who it is dealing with.

To ensure compliance with the provisions of the law on state security associated with the need to have a full set of information about customers.

Strengthening their positions and fighting fraud with the help of a powerful identity system.

Ensuring compliance with the standards of confidentiality by notifying customers, providing access and security, as well as providing customers with the opportunity to refuse to transfer personal information to third parties.

The recognition of identities is in of today’s business and political situation more important than ever. Identity matching is the basis for searching with and for personal data. And nowadays it’s running the whole world. Banks are looking for money launderers in their customer files, police authorities are checking suspects with their registers and private individuals are looking up old acquaintances on the web. Through Identity Matching, students get specialist articles, journalists news, landlords credit reports and sellers their next marketing victims. The problem so far is that once we do not write the name exactly as it is represented in the source, we will not find it. The Identity Resolution software solution helps organizations address the business challenges associated with identity management. Identity Resolution answers the question “Who is who?” by combining uncoordinated, undefined data on the identity and distinctive features from a variety of different datasets into a single object and allowing to disclose intentional attempts to prevent identification. Identity software is a platform for real-time identification and analysis of objects that help to fight threats and fraud.