How to Successfully Sell your House


Selling your house requires preparation beforehand else it can be quite a complex task. It can be an even more difficult task if the market is down and there are many sellers in the market, which will give the buyers an upper hand.

The following informative steps will guide you to successfully sell your house.

Carry out valuation of property

Decide what is best for your particular situation after having a broader look at the market condition. Determine an accurate valuation of your house in order to sell it quickly at the best possible price.

Choose an estate agent

Get references for various agents and choose one that best understands you. Check for the market presence of the agent and his marketing strategies. Since the agent will be responsible for showing the property, marketing and taking care of the legal formalities, choose someone wisely.


Decide the selling method

With the help of an agent plan how you want to sell. You could opt for an exclusive home sell listing as is done in One Mumbai Mulund where only one agent is responsible for the sale of the property. This listing has benefits such as it saves time and money and the agent will be dedicated to selling the property. The other options are an open listing where a number of agents are involved or an auction where in a seller can test the market before disclosing his opening price.

Advertising and marketing

Choose from various advertising options such as newspapers, online property websites, property magazines, hoardings or arrange for an open house. Greater exposure of the property in the market ensures greater number of interested buyers, so use appropriate means to spread the word.

Prepare the property and give it a makeover

Before inviting potential buyers to see the property, ensure that it is presentable since first impressions often go a long way. Freshening up the look of the property will encourage greater buyer interest and will positively add to the sale price. Address pressing issues such as minor repairs, tidying it up, adding a fresh coat of paint and leaving the house uncluttered to give an impression of space.

Determine selling price

Consider the property’s size, location, age, assets and current market rates before determining the selling price. For a prompt sale be realistic while deciding a listing price and be open to adjust the price upto a predetermined limit.

Set viewing times

Set up timings for inspection or showings as per your schedule keeping in mind what is best for your property.

Offer agreed

After receiving various offers, agree on the one that best suits you and once the offer is agreed upon make sure of these things:

  • Contract of sale to be made
  • Sale price agreed on should be in writing
  • Contract should be duly dated and signed
  • If any terms and conditions decided on while making a deal must be clearly mentioned in the contract.

Author’s bio: This article focuses on the different methods or steps related to selling a house and help you get good money if you make wisely decision knowledge on how to sell a house.