Few guideline tips to using Child Mannequin to increase sales


 Mannequins are normally life-size and includes a complete human face features. Mannequins are used to model wigs, hats, clothing and makeup or even are used as dummies to practice hair cut learning in beauty schools.  Though mannequins are available in all sizes and shapes, for selling the clothing of children, there is a need for a child mannequin. This will certainly attract the attention of parents and children. However, before considering mannequins, bear in mind these tips:

Pay attention to mannequin size

It is very important to concentrate on the sizing, especially with a child mannequin. In case, you are selling toddlers clothes, there is a need for a mannequin in toddler-size. On the other hand, if you are selling pre-teens clothes, reflect mannequins in pre-teen sizes. Displaying clothing on a mannequin means to bring out a specific age size such that the mannequin works as a representative for that particular age group resonating with customers.

Get creative

Creating child or adult mannequins replicating a family needs you to be creative. For instance, pairing a child mannequin with an adult mannequin means the outfits must be coordinating. Only then, it offers an appeal to a family and hauls them into your store that offers them the choices in child and adult apparel.

Remember, the regular maintenance requires you to clean the adult and the child mannequin regularly, so that it also is in good condition. In fact, the child mannequins may be an excellent addition bringing more buyers to your retail store.

Tricks and tips

Ensure to use this opportunity to recreate a story and this you can do with:

  • Vivid and bright colors for kids wear, it works perfectly.
  • Ensure details on the mannequin of the child such that it appears normal.

Use proper lighting to give dynamic effect and set correctly your exposure settings.

  • Photograph light and dark garments properly giving proper attention to finer details of the garments. Focus on the exposure settings and adjust.
  • Lighting highlights interest. Casting shadows and angling the light source incoming in a particular direction can help in highlighting specific features. For instance, moving the light left to right offers a natural feel in combination with the fabric showing delicate creasing.

Highlight the details such as linings and zippers. Do not ignore or forget little things. For instance, kids wear is mostly bought by parents and they pay utmost attention to all the details. Thus, ensure these details are intact.

  • The zippers, lining or buttons on a child mannequin needs to be perfect and visible.
  • It should be appealing in bright colors featuring a lived-in effect. To give this effect, you may add stuffing inside using some crepe or tissue paper. This will offer a perfect live effect.

Showing a child’s dress through a mannequin is not very simple. There is a need to right styling so that it grabs the attention of buyers, mostly parents. Even turning the jeans bottom and exposing the plaid lining or a zipper, truly matters.