Details about Operations Management and Operations Manager


OM stands for Operations management.It is used in every organization and includes all the aspects of manufacturing, beginning from motivation to execution. OM is the 5W’s namely the Why, When, Where, What, and Who and used in every service offered and product manufactured.

Operations Management Definition

The operations management states that every action relates to the formation of services and products by transforming the inputs to outputs. The critical component of OM is the production. When it is a manufacturing industry, the output is the end product, and it is physical.

But the services industry has more challenges involved in Operations management because the products are not physically visible. Role of an Operations Manager is vital for every sector.

It is better to conduct an operations manager self assessment to hire the best resource to your firm.

Role ofanOperations Manager

The fundamental role of an operation manager is to plan, organize, recruit, lead, and control.For carrying out all these actions, the management must include the operations manager as an integral part.

Seven Important Decisions Taken Along With the Operations Manager Are As Follows

  1. Regarding the product design and service offered.
  2. Discussions about buying any service or goods and from whom to purchase.
  3. How much must be retained and when it must be purchased again?
  4. Capacity planning and Forecasting.
  5. What should be done for materials?
  6. Quality of the product and service to be defined.
  7. Facilities used for the services or the product must be finalized.

Characteristics Of An Ideal Operations Manager

Technical Skills –Operations Manager must have a detailed understanding of the systems and processes related to the industry. Also, will know how the process takes place. They will offer suggestions based on the changes required.

Business Skills – Apart from the technical skills, they will also know the business model and will recommend ideas for making necessary changes in the services or goods offered.

Interpersonal skills – The role of a operations manager does not stop with giving orders to employees. He/she needs to get into the ground and work alongside employees for best results. They must have thehigh interpersonal ability to get along with people across all levels. They will also be part of decision making and hence will have to talk the management as well.

Leadership Qualities – Certainly when a person works with both top management and ground level workers they must possess strong leadership ability to convince people. They must build confidence to the workers that their need will be taken care and well represented to the management.

Negotiation skills–Leadership skill and negotiation skill are two different aspects. While the former is convincing the team and the latter is to talk to the suppliers and other stakeholders to negotiate price and delivery time etc.

Presentation Skills – They must also be able to present high-level concepts with the clients and get more orders.

Ideal operations manager must be able to collaborate across all in the organization and with customers for the efficient functioning of the business.

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